Foodtech Belgium

A cluster of manufacturers of machinery and equipment for the food industry

The companies are located in the Flemish region known for a quality and innovative product policy


The FOODTECH BELGIUM members are committed to respecting both the environment and international standards of quality, ergonomics, safety and hygiene.

The companies are located in the Flemish region which is known for a qualitative and innovative product policy.
The FoodTech Belgium members are active in different industrial segments.  The food processing industry is the most important, but FoodTech Belgium is also present in the health, pharmaceutical and construction industries. Each member company of FoodTech Belgium works independently, but for total projects all or several members can make a joint offer according to the preferences of the client.

The cooperation between the member companies is aimed at promoting Flemish export. The combination of technical knowledge and research must result in improved and innovative technologies to the benefit of all clients.

Within the FoodTech Belgium Group you will undoubtedly find an answer for both your new projects and for increasing the efficiency and flexibility of existing installations. The Group’s extensive collective experience enables its members to advise their clients on their needs and guide them towards the best options with all the associated benefits.

Customer satisfaction is our measure of success.

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